The First Step For Quitting Pot is Determination

Wed, Feb 2, 2011

How To Stop Smoking Pot

The Road

What’s the first thing you think you should do before quitting pot? I often get asked this question a lot, granted that it does look a bit daunting because of the tons of different methods and procedures that are available online. When I try to answer this question from a personal standpoint, it feels like my answer doesn’t apply to everyone else’s problems.

What I tell people who ask me this question is that the first step in quitting pot is to make a decision to quit. This sounds simple right? That’s what most people would think. The truth is most people do not even make this decision. They always say that they would quit smoking for personal reasons, but the truth is they do not really want to quit. People often say that they’d like to smoke again or that they will stop for a couple of months and then get smoke again afterwards. There are people who say they do not want to take the decision of changing yet because they like it too much but that they have to because they can’t afford weed anymore.
People who use these kinds of excuses will never really quit.
These people have already failed even before they start.

The Determination

If you’re not totally committed in quitting pot, it would certainly not happen. If you’re unsure, or still have doubts if you really want to give up weed then the only thing that is certain is that you will never be able to quit.
The key to give up pot is to talk to yourself. This might sound crazy but there is sense in this seemingly mad talk. Each one of us talks to ourselves, what makes the difference is what we say to ourselves over and over again. What we repeat to ourselves all the time is the thing that keeps us motivated to do the things that we want.

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